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Thread: Left teflon pan on burner - scared for baby!

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    Default Left teflon pan on burner - scared for baby!

    I just came home to a teflon pan I had left on the burner--the flame was on low and the pan was empty for 2 hrs. The house had a chemical smell and I opened the windows and took my baby outside. We were inside less than 5 min but it was long enough for me to develop nausea, a weird feeling in my nose, and a mild headache and some dizziness. I'm afraid for my baby and I'm afraid the toxins are in my milk. If they were in my milk, how long will it take for the toxins to get to my milk? Should I pump and dump? I've been airing out the house for 15 minutes. Is that enough? He fell asleep nursing, seems to be fine...should I keep him awake? I'm on the phone with poison control and they say it isnt a problem, but I'm not convinced. They say birds die b/c they are a different species, but I feel that my baby and I are so sensitive. I want to do everything to limit exposure.

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    I don't think you should pump and dump, and if poison control says it isn't a problem, the you should trust them. I know it's hard for us mommys to trust other ppl regarding our precious babies, but it's all you can do right now. Observe you LO, and
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