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    I just got my WIC checks and i noticed i am able to get baby cereal. Little man is 2 months old.. is it too early to give it to him?
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    oh yeah 2 months way to early....
    more info here:


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    infant cereal is probably one of the worst trends in modern day history. It actually makes absorbing the iron from your milk harder... and can cause constipation issues because of the added iron. From the Weston A. Price foundation website about nourishing a baby:

    Foods introduced too early can cause digestive troubles and increase the likelihood of allergies (particularly to those foods introduced). The baby's immature digestive system allows large particles of food to be absorbed. If these particles reach the bloodstream, the immune system mounts a response that leads to an allergic reaction. Six months is the typical age when solids should be introduced,however, there are a few exceptions.

    Babies do produce functional enzymes (pepsin and proteolytic enzymes) and digestive juices (hydrochloric acid in the stomach) that work on proteins and fats. This makes perfect sense since the milk from a healthy mother has 50-60 percent of its energy as fat, which is critical for growth, energy and development. In addition, the cholesterol in human milk supplies an infant with close to six times the amount most adults consume from food. In some cultures, a new mother is encouraged to eat six to ten eggs a day and almost ten ounces of chicken and pork for at least a month after birth. This fat-rich diet ensures her breast milk will contain adequate healthy fats.

    Thus, a baby's earliest solid foods should be mostly animal foods since his digestive system, although immature, is better equipped to supply enzymes for digestion of fats and proteins rather than carbohydrates. This explains why current research is pointing to meat (including nutrient-dense organ meat) as being a nourishing early weaning food.
    Why cereal has been touted as the best???? Who knows.. it was probably a marketing ploy developed by the makers of baby food. But it is by no means healthy.

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    I forgot the best part of the article:
    Remember, the amount of breast milk and/or formula decreases when solid foods are introduced. This decrease may open the door for insufficiencies in a number of nutrients critical for baby's normal growth and development. The nutrients that are often in short supply when weaning begins include protein, zinc, iron and B-vitamins. One food group that has these nutrients in ample amounts is meat.

    Unfortunately, cereal is the most often recommended early weaning food. A recent Swedish study suggests that when infants are given substantial amounts of cereal, they may suffer from low concentrations of zinc and reduced calcium absorption.

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    www.askdrsears.com & kellymom.com have really good information on "why to delay solids". I can't remember which one has that specific article.
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    2 months is way too early to introduce any solids. Should wait until your LO is at least 6 months old.
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