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Thread: Trying so hard to be good!

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    Default Trying so hard to be good!

    Today, I slacked on pumping... DS was MEGA cranky. The one hour that I could've been pumping, I was holding DS while he slept and attempting to latch him so he could comfort nurse. That was a no go but I very much enjoyed holding him close to my breast like that and watching his sweet sleeping face, even if he was 'nursing' on paci. I bought a nipple shield today and will try again tomorrow using that and see if it helps him latch or not. It might, it might not. Either way, no big deal.

    I pumped twice today during the day and I just cluster pumped for an hour (10 min on, 10 min off, totaling 30 min of pump time). Out of those 5 pumpings, I think I have 3/4 oz to 1 oz. It's hard to tell because I haven't meshed all the bottles together yet. There is an equal or slightly more amount (couldn't tell) of the warm/fresh EBM to the cold EBM and I figured I would chill it first before adding them together, just to be safe. It looks like 1/2 oz in each bottle though. We'll see tomorrow morning! If so, DS will get 1 1/2 oz of EBM tomorrow morning (I have 1/2 oz or so from yesterday).

    I'm off to bed so I can get up at 2am to cluster pump. Wish me luck!

    Good luck to all you mama's trying so hard! It's so worth it in the end!

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    Smile Re: Trying so hard to be good!

    Aww, you're doing great at saving every bit of milk! Every drop that he gets is doing wonderful things to his body!
    I know that Caroline's body is "getting" my milk when her poopie looks like that of a BF baby! It makes me want to cry! I'm only getting 1/2 oz. per 24 HOURS! But then again, I've only been pumping for 1 1/2 weeks, after having not BF for 6 weeks!
    Can you explain to me about cluster feeding. My lactation consultant told me to pump every 2-3 hours (no more than every 5), for 15 minutes. It might be a little different in my case though!
    I PM'd you about Domperidone. Can you tell me more about it?

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    Default Re: Trying so hard to be good!


    I'm responding to your email about the domperidone.

    Thanks for the support! Some days it sooo hard...

    Cluster pumping is where you devote and hour of time to pumping. This is best done when DH is home or baby is down for bed at night. It consists of 10 min of pumping, 10 min. of resting, 10 min. of pumping for one hour. During that hour, you will get 3 pumpings at 10 min each. It can be a pain but it does help, I think! I also pump every 2-3 hours for 15-20 but I throw in a cluster pump in the AM and a cluster pump in the PM (in addition to every 2-3 hours, not in place of!) and I think it helps my supply. I've been pumping off and on for 2 months. The first month, I had severe (untreated) PPD and couldn't get myself going. The second month, I had trouble balancing the time and when I did figure it out, I got sick. I went through massive withdrawl from stopping my PPD meds cold turkey when I ran out of them. I was out of pumping for 2 weeks. My supply dropped back down to almost nothing again during that 2 weeks. I got 1 oz of milk yesterday (5 pumpings total) and 1/2 oz the day before (6 pumpings) so I'm def seeing an increase. I think that's the domperidone though!

    Thanks again for the support!

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