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Thread: Colic UPDATE!-long

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    Talking Colic UPDATE!-long

    I have to say WOW. You ladies are so super with your support. I just read my post and the replies regarding BF causing colic. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I do feel so much better.
    AND I do have an update!
    First, letting my daughter (She is 6 weeks old this week) sleep on me while I sleep is really working. I have been doing that for about 4 nights or so and the last 3 nights have been sssoooo stress free.
    I did take her to the DR. He did think it was colic and prescribed Levsin. Which has seemed to help also.
    I don't think part of the problem is nipple confusion. What I have figured out is her high need to suck. She does NOT want to eat when she does that hollering thing at my breast. So, I offered a pacifier and she practically gobbled it down. She was so happy to suck and not drink. I figured that out yesterday. She gets frantic/frustrated trying to suck on her fingers/hands and the pacifier seems to work just fine.
    Last night we nursed exclusively, NO BOTTLES!!!!! She slept from 11pm to 3am, woke, ate and went back to sleep till 7am. Can you believe that???!!!She did want the paci this morning and this afternoon but that was OK.
    I will NOT stop BF'ing. I am pumping and freezing for babysitting situations and such. On occassion I bring a bottle of BM with us when we are out and about in the store/mall where I would not feel comfortable BF. (Iam large breasted and haven't found a descret was of BF in public. It is so much easier just whipping it out!) I am hoping to rid the house of formula all together.
    So thank you again you lovely ladies for taking pity on me! I appreciate all your time and effort to help. Little princess is ready to eat again so I better be going. Will speak to you all again soon!

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    Default Re: Colic UPDATE!-long

    I'm so glad to hear things are going better!! Doesn't it feel wonderful when you finally figure out something that works? Happy nursing!

    Oh, and as for the BF in public, it took me until DS was about 3 months before we were good enough at it to be able to be discreet so that I'd feel comfortable NIP. As baby gets a little older and can latch on without too much help from you, you might feel more ready to take the plunge.

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    You'll figure out NIP before long. Even us small-breasted women feel funny the first few times I have seen various nursing capes in catalogs and such, and maybe one would help you out. I never got the hang of draping a blanket over myself in such a way that it would stay, but wrapping up in the sling was pretty discreet! Once the baby can latch on by herself, it will be easier to do.
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    I was just checking up on you and it sounds like things are going better! Please, stay here and stay in touch. We are here to help!

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