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Thread: ped's guidelines for introducing solids

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    I am so glad to be joining all of you ladies on the llli forums! I generally love my pedi, but admit I'm tempted to lie to her from now on, after she insisted I'd better "get going" at his 9 month appt, because he should be on all table food at a year (?!!!) My little guy can self-feed solids, and does so with curiosity, but always makes the "gag" face. Who can blame him, after so many months of yummy breast milk?! He doesn't have any developmental delays, and is getting all he needs nutritionally, so I'm not worried. So glad to know there are others out there who think their pediatricians are nuts! My mom is supportive, but I was born in the 70s, so she had me on solids at 3 months. Therefore, she doesn't have much to offer. So nice to meet you all!

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    Glad you know to trust your instincts!
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