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Thread: Erratic feeding - help!

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    Default Erratic feeding - help!

    My 8 day old son has some very strange feeding patterns!

    It was recommended to me by my birth clinic to feed on demand. During the day he has been feeding VERY frequently - almost every hour for about 25-30 minutes. During that time he falls asleep often and slips off the nipple. I've been waking him, burping, handing him to my husband etc in an effort to make the feeds longer, but he just loses interest after 25 minutes.

    Then he'll sleep for half an hour and wake up crying for breast again!

    Every time he needs a nappy change, he wants to feed afterwards before he'll go to sleep.

    NIGHT time is a completely different matter. For example, I finished feeding him at 5am and it's now 9am- he's still fast asleep. That seems like a long time between feeds (not that I'm complaining, after spending ALL day yesterday with him attached to me!)

    Should I be worried? I don't want to wake him, since he's so restless during the day.

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    Default Re: Erratic feeding - help!

    It sounds very normal to me. Has he regained his birthweight yet? If he hasn't then you should not let him go without nursing for more than 2-3 hrs. Otherwise, a 4hr stretch is just fine! Our DS nursed hourly around the clock for WEEKS. It takes some time to settle into a nursing pattern (and even when you do, be prepared for that pattern to change frequently). Right now you are establishing a milk supply to meet your LO's demand. Keep up what you're doing!

    I know that you must be exhausted. Just plan on setting up a comfortable spot in the house and nurse your LO. Have a book/TV/computer, snack, water, phone all within reach. DH made sure that I was fed and took on the diaper changing responsibility. He would also sit with DS and stick his finger in his mouth so that I could get a break to shower or pee.

    Keep feeding on demand and things will get a lot easier in no time!

    Congratulations on your LO and welcome to the forum!

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    Default Re: Erratic feeding - help!

    I'd just like to 2nd pp's advice and provide some more support. Your baby sounds perfectly normal. And, like maybe he already has day and night figured out--which is great! If you are seeing plenty of wet and dirty diapers (at least 5-6 wets and 3-4 dirty's the size of a US quarter), then he's getting a good amount of milk and it's ok to have one longer sleep stretch at night.

    Congratulations on you new baby!

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    Sounds normal to me too. I'm no expert, and pretty new at this too but my dd wasn't much different. Hang in there, it gets better!

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    In the case of a healthy newborn, watch the baby not the clock Baby should be eating at least 8-12 times per 24 hour period. For some babies, this means every 2 hours by the clock. Others will nurse frequently during some periods of the day and sleep longer stretches during other periods of the day. As long as he's making 5-6 wet (6-8 cloth) diapers and 2-3 dirty diapers per day, you can be assured that he's getting enough to eat!

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    Default Re: Erratic feeding - help!

    Boy, do I remember those days well. It does seem as though it will never end, but it does. And when it's over you find yourself strangely wanting it back...

    Anyway, everything sounds very normal. It is important to nurse on demand - even if it seems a bit frequent right now, but I personally never let my daughter go more than 3 hours without feeding in those early days. 8 days old is too young for a nighttime schedule and even though it feels great to have a break, it can perpetuate more problems when he wakes (eating too quickly or being groggy and not sucking well).

    Keep up the good work and welcome to the forum!

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