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Thread: Need advice on pumping and BF simultaneously

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    Default Need advice on pumping and BF simultaneously

    Hi all,
    I have a four-month old LO, and I'm trying to get more efficient as I'll be headed back to work in 3 weeks. I have a PISA. I'd like to be able to pump the non-nursing breast while I'm BF'ing my LO. Any tips or things you've found helpful to do this? I tried it once this morning, and it was very awkward to only have one hand to help LO nurse, and one hand holding the pump shell. When I EP'd I used the bustier bra to hold in the shells so I could pump hands free.

    Any tips? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Need advice on pumping and BF simultaneously

    I breast feed and pump at the same time first thing in the morning... I find taking the time and using a pillow to position my LO for a hands free experience really helps then i rest the bottle on my stomach and use the electric pump and then I'm still able to massage my breast while pumping to get more. My LO was a little distracted by the noise of it a t first, but she got over that quickly.

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