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Thread: question about pumping

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    Smile question about pumping

    I have a 3 month old daughter and I have been nursing her since birth she is doing very well she weights 13.5 pounds a very chunky little monkey. I would like to pump just to have some milk supply because I'd like to get a night out with my husband. I'm not sure when to pump since Im nursing her on demand all day and at least 2 times at night. Also Ive never given her a bottle was this a mistake? my Mother in Law told me now she'll refuse the bottle any tips on how to help her take a bottle.? She refues a pacifier but I dont blame her she rather have her nice soft warm mommy. Thank you for any advice.


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    The best time to pump for most people is in the morning. Milk supply seems to go up at night. I was excl pumping and that's when I always got the most. Now, I'm nursing on demand, but I occasionally pump once a day to get a little for when we go out. I usually have enough to pump, then feed her. Usually, I'll get up a little extra early, so I'll have time to pump and wait a little bit before she wakes up. But if she wakes, I usually still have enough. I just stop early if I think I'm getting to empty. I've also nursed first and then pumped, but b/c LO can get the milk out better than a pump, I let her do the hard work. Oh, and I wouldn't expect much the first few times you pump. My body had to adjust to the pump before I started getting good output. I would just expect to have to pump a few times to get a bottle.

    As for refusing the bottle, I've heard some babies do that. Mine got a bottle when she was 2 weeks (due to complications), and doesn't have any prob with bottles. I guess you'll just have to experiement. I know some people spoon feed LO, but I've never done that.

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    Default Re: question about pumping

    with pp. The best time to pump to help build your supply is in the morning. That is when your supply is usually at it's best.

    As far as the bottle goes, sometimes it take several different nipples and bottles to find one that your baby is used to. You may have to do a trial run before you sneak out with your hubby. Sometimes it's best to try and have the caretaker give your baby a bottle while you sneak out and run an errand. Lots of babies will have nothing to do with the bottle if mommy is anywhere near.


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    Every baby is different! Don't think you should have given a bottle earlier either-I had to give my new baby a bottle really early (around 5 weeks) but by 3 months he was refusing it anyway. He was all-but I know the tap's around here somewhere... He even had trouble if I was out of the house. Some babies never care about a bottle, and others are more picky-regardless of whether you've pushed one or not!

    I agree that a trial run would be good.
    There are many ways to offer the bottle-I'm sure you can read up on it. My baby wouldn't take one if my husband was cradling him, but was fine sitting up. Weirdo-he hated nursing that way. Some kids will only take a bottle if it's offered in the same position as nursing.

    I don't have experience with when to pump after not having done so for a while. I'd have no idea right now either, and I was always bad with sticking to a schedule anyway. I agree with mammaof2 about pumping in the morning, though-maybe on one side while your little one is nursing?

    Good luck
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    Default Re: question about pumping

    Some other thoughts

    wait until she's a little older for a night out so she can be fed with a cup or spoon - if she won't take a bottle.

    if you want to do it sooner ... have your MIL come to your place and be responsible for your baby (in another room) while you and DH watch a movie and eat dinner.

    find a time when she will go the longest between nursings and plan an outing for that time (maybe a breakfast date)

    There are lots of options out there for ya You just have to figure them out... we dont have to adhere to what a 'typical' date looks like - it can really be anything.

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    Everyone's situation is very different. I had to go back to work after having my little one. I stocked up milk escpecially as some of the other moms have said in the morning mostly. I also introduced a bottle early at about 6 weeks. My LO had a very hard time transitioning back to BFing because she got the milk much quicker from the bottle. If you dont need to or want to you dont have to introduce bottles at all. If you do have to or would like to I suggest getting a nipple that has the same sort of flow as your actual breast. I had to change to a slow flow nipple before she would go back to BFing. I also had to just keep trying when she nearly refused to nurs

    PS if you are going to introduce bottles I would suggest doing it at one of the mid-day feedings first where shes least intrested. Hope this helps

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    Default Re: question about pumping

    thank u for all the advice i just rented a pump haven't attempted yet

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    Default Re: question about pumping

    This is difficult but works very well. I pump on one side while my lo is nursing on the other. I am trying to build up a supply for when i have to return to work. i typically pump 2-3 times a day getting about 3 oz each time. It has been very beneficial to me. She also doesn't have any trouble with switching between bottles and bf. Good luck!

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