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Thread: Conflicted about end of pumping

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    Default Conflicted about end of pumping

    We made it a full year! DD turned 1 3w ago, and never had a drop of formula despite my very busy job. She's had a few tastes of cows milk lately but we have a big freezer stash that will keep her fed for a while and she's a good eater of solids, and often doesnt even want a bottle lately. I was able to cut out my 3pm pump, but im still hanging on to the noon session ... am i crazy? I just cant seem to give it up yet. Its not that i enjoy pumping, and last time with DD1 i couldnt wait to stop at 12m. Somehow this time i am emotionally having trouble giving it up. My supply is down (only pumping 3-4 oz at noon) so i think i could get thru the day w/o being uncomfortable. We plan to nurse morning/naps if im home/night for as long as she wants so its not like im weaning entirely.

    Anybody else feel conflicted about the end of pumping? Its such a love-hate thing! Intellectually i know we'll be OK and that my supply will adjust but im so accustomed to pump-pump-pump all the time that it is hard to give it up even though i will be very glad to have a little extra time and less sore nipples...

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    Default Re: Conflicted about end of pumping

    I started a thread about this a while ago. I was feeling the exact same way that you were. I felt like I was still able to care for DD while I was away by sending EBM.

    I finally made the plunge and kicked my pump to the curb about 4 weeks ago. I was scared and sad at first, but now am completly reenergized about nursing DD for as long a she desires.

    Remember, if you quit and feel that you've made the wrong decision, you could always start. Pumping again.

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    Default Re: Conflicted about end of pumping

    I feel the same way. My daughter turned one about three weeks ago too, and I'm down to pumping once a day. I'm sending her with one pumped bottle and one frozen every day now - and have been for about a month. I also had a huge freezer stash, so I'm trying to use it up. I don't know when I'll stop pumping... maybe after Christmas. Or if she starts refusing the bottle entirely.

    It's funny how something that was not so fun at first turned into an emotional connection to my baby.

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