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Thread: Don't want to introduce solids yet...

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    Default Don't want to introduce solids yet...

    My son will be 5 months this Thursday. He is normal weight and has normal amount of poops and pees per day.
    I have heard that babies will start nursing more frequently when they are ready to start solids.
    My question is this: from the time he was 2 months until about a week ago, he nursed regularly at 4 hour intervals. The last week, he is nursing more frequently, sometimes only going 2-2.5 hours.
    Does this mean he needs more food?
    He is also teething and I've heard that sometimes they'll nurse more for comfort when teething.

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    Default Re: Don't want to introduce solids yet...

    Relax- sounds like there's no need to introduce solids at this point. Increased nursing frequency does not mean that the baby needs solids, since there are so many reasons why babies increase their feeding frequency that aren't about hunger- like teething, and new developmental milestones, or just a new level of needing to be close to mom.

    In addition, feeding only every 4 hours is REALLY rare for an exclusively breastfed baby. Many EBF babies eat much more often, as frequently as every 90 minutes or even less. Shifting to an every 2-2.5 hour frequency actually sounds a lot more normal than nursing only every 4 hours! You never know if this pattern will last- it may be that your baby is going through a growth spurt, and the increased number of feedings is temporary.

    Most guidelines suggest introducing solids at 6 months. But you shouldn't expect a baby to suddenly be eating three full meals a day at 6 months! My pediatrician likes to say that "Until the first birthday, solids are just for experimenting with new tastes, textures, and motor skills. They're not necessary for nutrition." So try to think of solids as a fun new game you play with your baby- if he eats a teaspoon full of mashed carrots, great! If he tastes it and spits it out, fine! If he won't open his mouth and prefers to smear the food around on his tray, terrific, he had a fun learning experience!

    In short, as long as you continue to nurse on demand, there's no need to worry about your baby's need for solids until he's at least a year old.

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