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    Hello! My soon to be 7 month old started solids a little after her 6 month birthday and has had rice cereal, peas (both from Earth's Best... and NOT her favorite), applesauce (EB), sweet potato (EB - & polished off 6.5 ounces in one sitting last night!), applesauce (EB), avacado, yellow squash, acorn squash (she LOVED it... and I have to admit, with my first time trying... quite tasty!). The latter foods being homemade.

    She's started eyeing my buttered toast in the morning and I've given her a taste of the ends (without the butter). Just a little to gum on and not enough to swallow. Her bottom two teeth just came in last week...

    What is the average age to start giving her some soft toast or bread (small sections of course) to gum on? I mean... when is it okay?


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    If you think she can handle it well go ahead. I think I may have started around 8 months, but I don't really remember. We started pretty slow, so it may have been later. But I think at first I gave thick peices for her to chew/teethe on. But you know your baby, if you think she's ready and can handle it go for it.
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