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Thread: lansinoh DE verses Ameda Purely Yours

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    Default lansinoh DE verses Ameda Purely Yours

    I've read that the Ameda Purely Yours and the Lansinoh Double Electric are virtually the same pump. But the LDE doesn't come with a bag and freezer packs. But, some reviews said they had trouble witt the LDE's "diaphragm" sticking when pumping. Is it possible that the Lansinoh is a slightly cheaper, not as sturdy built pump?? Or are they EXACTLY the same, just different colors?

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    I purcchased the Ameda pump and it has been great. I didnt buy it with the bag becuase I just used a bag from home and an insulated cooler that I bring my lunch in. I only paid like $135 off if diapers.com. Google breast pump reviews there is tons of info. Good Luck!

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    Default Re: lansinoh DE verses Ameda Purely Yours

    I used the Lansinoh with no problems. I don't know about it being exactly the same as the Ameda, though!
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    My understanding is that they are the same pump, just in different colors.

    I have the LDE, and I have zero problems with it

    I did not care that it didn't come with a bag and ice packs. I bought better packs -- the solid ones, that never spring leaks -- and a fashionable insulated lunch tote (I have a thread on that somewhere) and it looks like I'm carrying a purse around Cost me maybe $20
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    I have the LDE also with no problems. I talked to an IBCLC and she confirmed that they are the same exact pump. The patent ran out on Ameda's pump so Lansinoh copied it...at least that was how she understood it.
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