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Thread: Advise about introducing solids

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    My six month old doesn't want to Breastfeed much since I started feeding him solid food. He loved the food, he eats well. I try and offer him the breast before I feed him solids but he doesn't want it. He does still wake up in the middle of the night and eat. I'm not sure if this is normal or not.

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    How much solids do you feed him? If you're not ready to wean him yet (definitely sounds like you're not), maybe try backing off solids for a while or decrease the amount of solids you're giving him and bf him more. At this age, solids are not nutritionally necessary, only for learning and experimenting until a year old and even afterwards, the transition to mainly solids will be gradual. Breastmilk should still make up the bulk of his diet.

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    Night-waking and night-nursing is still entirely normal at 6 months. Many babies are doing it long past that point- my kid nursed at least once a night until I night-weaned her at age 2. And if you're concerned about your baby's breastmilk intake, night-nursing can only help.

    How many times per day is he nursing? And where are the solids when you offer to nurse before feeding the solids? Sometimes out of sight is out of mind- so if you can nurse in a room that he doesn't associate with eating solids, out of sight of said solids, he might be a bit more agreeable to nurse.

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    He doesn't nurse much during the day about 3 times, mostly only at night, he wakes up twice and then first thing when he wakes in the morning. I try and feed him before feeding him any solids but he turns away or only eats for a minute or two.
    I don't nurse in the same room I feed him in. I feed him only in the kitchen, I nurse in his bedroom or our living room.

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