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Thread: introducing herbs and spices

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    Default introducing herbs and spices

    I use a lot of herbs and spices in my cooking. At what age do you begin to prepare foods with seasonings?
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    Default Re: introducing herbs and spices

    my kids started eating table foods at about a year.
    WE don't have any food alergies. I would be more carefull if we had alergies

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    Default Re: introducing herbs and spices

    hi fezzik,

    i, too, use many herbs and spices as my husband is indian =)

    my dd, now 12 1/2 mos, has been getting tastes of foods with herbs/spices since about 7/8 mos. actually, she really didnt get very interested in solids until 10 1/2-11 mos and she ate them then too. but the little tastes she did have 7/8 mos had some different herbs/spices like garlic, turmeric, garam masala. i just cut out the HOT spices tho because i didnt want her to have an upset tummy-she is 1/2 white after all but i know indian moms who give the way spicy stuff too at like 7 mos and their babies don't seem to mind (altho the one time mine had some spicy food she didn't like it at all).

    but this is just personal experience and perhaps someone else can offer some input about what the recommendations are regarding this issue.

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