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Thread: Weaning my 2 year old

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    Default Weaning my 2 year old

    I need some help. I'm going to copy and paste a post I made on another mommy board I'm on. I figure if I post it in more than one place I'll have better luck getting answers. ...background: Sean turned 2 on Nov 1st, he's night weaned, I'm tandem nursing him and his 7 month old sister, my goal was to get to 2 years with him, I know all the benefits of nursing a toddler and I'm all for child led weaning...if the mom is happy.

    I know I have a long road ahead of me but I'd like to hear from yall that have BTDT. How did you do weaning? I've come to the conclusion that I'm going too fast. Sean is now extra clingy and whiny...and only for me. I can't do don't offer don't refuse b/c I don't offer and there are days he wants to nurse 6+ times...there are also days it's only 2-3. Nursing Sean just is not enjoyable anymore. I've been fighting with his latch for months now and it's just not getting better. There are times it's good but most of the time it's horrible. I usually have teeth marks from his top teeth and the feeling of his teeth drives me crazy. I can't unlatch him to fix the latch b/c when I unlatch him he starts crying and when he latches back, his latch is worst. He's not quite ready to wean but I'm not sure what else I can do. I don't want to continue nursing b/c I know he knows I don't want him to nurse. But it breaks my heart when I tell him no or cut him short he screams and cries for "cheese". I know one of the methods for gradual weaning is dropping one nursing a week or so. How can I do that when he doesn't have set times for nursing? Should I start setting certain times for nursing and then go from there? I want to do this the most loving way with the lease amount of stress and tears for both of us. Why does weaning have to be so hard!?

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    Default Re: Weaning my 2 year old

    It is so hard to suggest a certain "method" because every mother and child is different. I also can't give direct BTDT advice because I've never weaned a 2 year old, only a 6 month old and 4 year old (long stories!).
    I always point people to the book How Weaning Happens. It is a short read and might give you some great ideas! Check your library or local LLL lending library.
    I think your idea of setting certain times of day that are special nursing times for the two of you might be a good idea to try. That's pretty much what I did to cut my older nursling to 2 nursing sessions a day before my DD2 was born.


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