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Thread: is this an allergy?

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    Default is this an allergy?

    Yesterday I tired my 9m DD with yogurt. She loved it! About 3 hours later she bacame cranky and kept bearing down like she was going to have a BM (but she didn't) and she was grunting and groaning. She didn't have a bowel movement yesterday or today. Then by last night her cheeks and chin are kind of rashy. And she was a restless sleeper (BUT she is kinda restless anyway, up every 1-2h to comfort nurse at night).

    Could this have been a possible allergy? Coincidence? I didn't give her any yogurt today but was thinking of trying again tomorrow (or whenever she's had another poop).

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    Default Re: is this an allergy?

    Sounds like at least a food sensitivity to me. It is SO hard to tell with babies. My husband *always* blames dairy, and I *always* blame teething or spiciness or something else (I <3 cheese). It is something that many kids grow out of, luckily.

    I've been off of dairy since my little guy was 3mo because he was having blood in his poo, gas, etc, and it took a long time to get it out of his system. I'd have an accidental trial of dairy every now and then at a restaurant, and he'd have trouble for about a week or so. The past 2 times, he's gotten a fever right away, but that's for another thread...
    He always seems to get better right away and then get worse again, so be prepared for that. But, he'd always have other things going on at the same time-teething, diaper rash (maybe from the dairy), learning to be a person, etc.

    So, what I generally do is to stop that food for 2-3 weeks (or longer depending on when I remember to try again ) and try again. That way, you can maybe figure out if it was a coincidence or not and give your little girl a bit of time to recover. 2-3 days may not be long enough to rule out other problems. Hopefully, it was just coincidence!
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