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Thread: the way we wake up now

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    It is good that while having a hard time dealing with DH's recent unexpected unemployment, we still can get comic relief from DD's (almost 23 months) chattering. This morning, when DD woke up (we cosleep), she said, "Hi, Mama! Hi, Daddy! Hi, BOOBIES!! BOOBIES!! Tessa's boobies!" and nosedived for the boobies. Somehow I got the picture she was way more excited to see the boobies than either Daddy or Mama.

    Poor DH, though. The boobies haven't been his for quite some time now, and now DD's staked her claim and voiced it!

    Mommy to Tessa Noelle 12/14/07

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    That's REALLY CUTE! Thanks for sharing...

    I'm Erica

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    I'm still laughing outloud..... that is so cute!!
    and and

    Emily, wife to Andrew, first time momma to Benjamin~ born 4-20-09

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    Too cute!
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    Too cute! TFS!
    I'm Anna
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