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Thread: Refuses to BF ---Sometimes---Any Ideas

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    Unhappy Refuses to BF ---Sometimes---Any Ideas

    Yesterday we did great. He BF several times, almost all day long on and off. I had very little trouble getting him to BF. Today he just refuses. He latches on for just a few seconds then starts crying. I just finished about 20 min of him doing this. I gave in and gave him a bottle. Which he took without any problems. Shold I just keep trying at the breast and not give him any bottles? I feel that the milk is there. He just refuses to BF sometimes.

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    Aidan did that for the longest time, as supplements slowly get dropped it does get easier. some tiems it helped to feed it by dropper, eventually he gave up on that and wanted to BF instead to suck anyway.

    we went 4 days without any supplements, he has been super fussy so today i gave in and gave him a bottle. he was back to his smiling self i haven't seen in a week...

    just go with what you think and feel it will get there!
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    Thanks I think I will try the dropper idea. Maybe if he doesn't have a bottle he will forget about it. He never did BF yesterday. I'm hoping for a better day today.

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