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Thread: "Normal" amount pumped?

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    Question "Normal" amount pumped?

    I was just curious, what is considered a normal or good amount of milk to get from pumping in one session--and how long does you pump to get that amount? And I guess I should ask too, what kind of pump you use.

    I do realize that this is greatly going to vary from person to person. I was just trying to get several responses to see what other peoples results are compared to mine.
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    Default Re: "Normal" amount pumped?

    I use a Medela Lactina and a PISA, same general output with both.

    Mine vary from 3 ounces to 10 ounces once

    Usually I get 4 ounces, takes about 20 minutes, sometimes less, sometimes more. Generally I stop when I get to 4 ounces unless I'm in the middle of a letdown.

    I am only pumping once a day now, and got 7 ounces yesterday, 5 from the right and 2 from the left. I think it will even out to about 5 ounces a day next week.

    ETA: I have had oversupply problems in the past and respond VERY well to the pump usually.

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    Default Re: "Normal" amount pumped?

    Lansinoh, double electric pump. In the morning I usually get about 7oz (5 left and 2 right). I pump once or twice later in the day, normally within an hour of a feeding and get 3.5oz (2.5 left and 1 right). Pumpings usually go 10 min.

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    Default Re: "Normal" amount pumped?

    Everyone's different. I only ever got about 3, maybe 4 at a time using a PISA.
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    Default Re: "Normal" amount pumped?

    i have the ameda purely yours ultra its a double electric pump. i haven't pumped in place of a feeding yet but i get 1-2oz in between feedings...slow and steadily building up my supply (again ) after finding out DS has a milk allergy! So discouraged, but taking it one day at at time as i return to work in a couple of weeks...oh sorry tangent. anywhoo. hope i get as much milk as some of the other ladies get!!
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    Default Re: "Normal" amount pumped?

    I use Medela pump n style for 10 minutes I get about 6 oz /session but in the mornings I get about 8-10 oz.

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    Default Re: "Normal" amount pumped?

    I use the Medela Pump in Style and I pump while at work, every two hours and get about 2 ounces on the right and one ounce on the left each time I pump.

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    Default Re: "Normal" amount pumped?

    I used the Medela Freecycle. When I was away from DS (at work), I pumped 4-5 oz per session, 3 sessions/day.
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    Default Re: "Normal" amount pumped?

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*imma2nonstopaa View Post
    I used the Medela Freecycle. When I was away from DS (at work), I pumped 4-5 oz per session, 3 sessions/day.
    Hey, Imma....New pump Medela came out with?? The recycled kind, right?? (JK! )

    Yes, love my Freestyle....I usually get anywhere from 4-8 oz. per session...
    I usually get lots more in the AM hours, less in the PM...

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    Default Re: "Normal" amount pumped?

    I'm using the Medela Swing. I generally get about 1-1.5 ounces for every hour since I've pumped (except for early morning). I'll get about 6 oz at 5 am, 4.5 at 9 am, 3.5 at 12:30 pm, 3 at 2:30 pm, and about 2.5 at 5 pm.
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