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Thread: Newborn help!! Falling asleep with Breast in Mouth

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    Default Newborn help!! Falling asleep with Breast in Mouth

    Our little angel Evie (9 days old) is quiet and calm as a button during the day, then starts to fuss only around her night-time feeding. She falls asleep with breast in mouth, clutching, and when i try and take out my nipple, she wakes and fusses, then takes the breast again...a seemingly endless cycle...help.

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    Default Re: Newborn help!! Falling asleep with Breast in Mouth

    Newborns are often nocturnal and do their cluster feeding at night. Also w/ the breast in her mouth she feels/knows she's connected to you. That is what she needs to feel ok about her big wide world right now! I suggest being open to learning to nap in the daytime and in the mean time...after dinner my DH would take the baby for two hours (still does) so I can have some ME time everyday. In the very beginning I always used that time to nap so I could deal w/ the long haul of being up all night. You may consider bring her to bed w/you for now even if it's not what you want to do long term...you'd be amazed at how much less work is invloved in just "sittng up" vs. "getting up"! At some point you'll master sidelye nursing and thing get even easier!! Hang in there!

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    They are just so sleepy for those first few days! They don't want to wake up, but when they do, they are so unhappy and so hungry. They just want to be close to mom and are still having to learn the art of breasfeeding. It makes things difficult- and for me the first two weeks were nothing like what I read about or was prepared for. Pretty much you just have to give them what they want, get all the support you can manage, and take care of yourself in any way that you can. As long as she is having plenty of wet and dirty diapers, you know that she is getting enough milk, even if the process is long and draining at first. Just remember that it does get better as you both get the hang of it.

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    Hi There

    It's pretty common for newborns to have a "fussy time". Often this is in the evening and mom finds that her baby is crankier and sometimes wants to nurse very often. Most babies outgrow this by 3-4 months. So just plan for it Set up a station with some water and a book (or the TV remote) and maybe some pillows or snacks. Just hang out with your baby!

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    You can try "Pantley's Gentle Remover", that is: unlatching baby just as she dozes off, and if she fusses, let her on again for a while, then unlatch again, let her back on if necessary etc etc, until she is happily asleep without you nipple in her mouth.

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