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Thread: How to re-nightwean after nursing at night

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    Default How to re-nightwean after nursing at night

    DD is 2 1/2. A few months ago I nightweaned her and she's been doing great. She usually goes to bed at 8pm and wakes up at 7am, then nurses.

    Ten days ago, she came down with a very severe cold. She lost over a pound while sick. She very small to start with (she was a 29 week preeemie and now weighs 25 pounds; she was over 26 before he got sick). About a week ago, she started waking up at 2am asking to nurse. At first I hesitated to go that route, but then I thought that perhaps she was trying to replace the calories she lost while sick, so started night nursing again.

    She's almost completely over this cold and is slowly putting the weight back on. I am wondering what I should do next. Do I keep night nursing until she's back up to his usual weight? Her daytime appetite has been steadily picking back up, so I really don't know if she needs to nurse at night. When she sleeps through the night, she is a much happier person overall.

    So do I nightwean again, or do I weight until I see more weight gain and nightwean after that? Also, what kind of message am I sending to her by saying "yes, you can nurse at night this week" and then cutting him off the next week? Did I send mixed signals? Should I not have nursed her at night at all??


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    Default Re: How to re-nightwean after nursing at night

    I am sorry your girl has been ill, but glad to hear she's "on the mend."

    Looks like you made a great choice, in the long run - for her overall health. You're probably right in that she turned back to night nursing for added calories (and maybe a little comfort too. ) Is is possible to just kind of play the 'wait and see' game untill she is at 100% healthy again and see what she does as her daytime appetite fully gets back to normal?
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    Default Re: How to re-nightwean after nursing at night

    My DD is much younger than yours (16 mo.) so I don't know if this will help at all, but she was sleeping through the night around 12 mo. I thought she was night weaned (I was surprised) but I found that when she cut her molars she woke up during the night again and the only thing that would work was nursing. She's done this at least twice due to teething and at least twice due to illness. I'll nurse her at night if I know that it's teeth or illness - otherwise, if she wakes up, I'll either let her fuss just a little bit and go back to sleep (not really CIO - I'd never let it go to that) or find another way to put her back down (DH helps sometimes, pacifier, sippy cup, lying down with her but not nursing, etc.). I wonder if your DD will naturally start sleeping through the night again as soon as she is 100% back to herself. I suppose since she is 2 1/2 you could talk it through with her and let her know what you want to do - ie, that it's ok for her to nurse if she is ill or in pain, but otherwise she needs to sleep - like I said, I haven't experieced nursing a toddler that old so I don't know if this helps or not. I'm sure other moms will chime in!

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