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Thread: Nurse an 8 month old how many times a day?

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    Default Nurse an 8 month old how many times a day?

    Hi ladies! I have an 8 month old that nurses about 6 times a day and eats three meals a day. She takes two naps and sleeps through the night. I don't want to over load her at meal time and her not get enough milk. Should she be eating less at meal time or CAN she skip a breastfeeding session here and there? (Sometimes she doesn't poop for a day and then only poops once a day with hard poops.)

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    Default Re: Nurse an 8 month old how many times a day?

    I personally think three meals a day is a lot for an eight month old if she is eating a lot and/or having hard poops.

    How much is she eating each time? In the first year, solids are more
    about experimentation than nutrition and milk is the absolute most important food component. I really like baby led solids (where baby self feeds) because theycan better regulate the amount of food they are eating, which leads to less overeating later in life, while still giving a lot of experimentation of tastes and textures.

    Good foods to alleviate constipation are "p" foods. We also had a lot of poops with blueberries, which we started at about 8 months, and okra. Messy diapers but my girl wa having a rough go of it. I started a thread a while back about the wonders of blueberry poop.

    Rushing into too many solids leads to premature weaning.

    Six nursing sessions a day is pretty good. Although it's not uncommon to see a baby nurse much more than that still.

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    Default Re: Nurse an 8 month old how many times a day?

    Just giving my two cents worth here..
    My LO is also 8 months. She currently eats a breakfast meal and a dinner meal (usually about 3 ounces of baby food at each sitting). Usually she will have some sort of food at lunchtime but, more like puffs or those Baby Mum Mums. She nurses at least 8 times a day. She sleeps about 5 hour stretches at night.
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    Default Re: Nurse an 8 month old how many times a day?

    At this age, solids are more for learning and experimenting. Maybe try cutting back on solids and nurse a little more (especially if she's having hard poops)?
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    Default Re: Nurse an 8 month old how many times a day?

    Thanks for your input ladies. I'm going to do some experimentation this week...

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