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Thread: 15 week old/Every two hours

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    My LO has been up consistently every two hours at night. This has gone on for about a week. Is this your experience? She was giving me four-five hour stretches for a while. What do I need to be doing differently? I feel like she is hungry all the time and when she does eat, she doesn't seem to stay on very long? Advice?
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    if you can do it cosleeping really helps with this issue, becuase you end up getting more sleep and can deal with the effects of lack of sleep. In general this is normal and one thing that they just have to grow out of! I remember thinking Wow I thought he was supposed to give me one lonf sleep stretch! In our case it didn't. Rest assured it is normal and it will pass.

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    Totally normal. Breastmilk is digested very fast (in 90 minutes), so it's possible and normal for your LO to be hungry so often. Plus, your LO may have gotten more efficient at the breast, so that's why she may not stay on too long. Babies are always changing their patterns anyways (feeding, sleeping, etc), so it's not something you have or haven't done.
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    You're not doing anything wrong mama. I think your LO is just working on something new, like rolling over, or going through a growth spurt. For all of these, they need "brainfood" which is mommy's milk. They'll feed more frequently, and only for a short period of time, when going through a growth spurt to increase your milk supply. And, like pp said, they become more efficient at bfing so they can get what they need quicker.
    I know it's frustrating and exhausting, but hang in there. I know what you mean. My dd had been sleeping from 9pm-7am and is now waking up 2-3 times a night again But, it's because she's teething, working on sitting up and/or crawling...just growing, basically
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