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Thread: sleeping through night

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    Default sleeping through night

    hi, my dd is 5mos and was wondering if she starts to sleep through the night do i still have to get up and pump?

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    No you don't have to. Your body will adjust to its new schedule. Once your LO is sleeping through the night she will probaly be compensating during the day. You will probably notice that you wake up engorged the first couple of times your LO sleeps a longer stretch at night. You can express enough to make yourself comfortable and to avoid plugged ducts.

    FYI - Even if your LO does start sleeping well at night - don't get used to it. Something I had the learn the hard way - once babies start sleeping through the night does not mean they will from that night forward. Be prepared for plenty of sleepness nights/weeks/months to follow depending on growth spurts/developmental stages/teething/separation anxiety ect.

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