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Thread: Please advice me about ******* diarrhea*****

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    Default Please advice me about ******* diarrhea*****

    DD 17 months old
    For the 1st time we have been traveling Bangladesh, for the last one-month. We will be back to Canada in January 2010.

    Our daughter started to have indigestion 3 days after we arrived here (She has been on clean and safe drinking water and food). But the weather is hot and humid and usually her stomach is very sensitive to the very subtle change in diet). After a few days the indigestion turned into diarrhea. At the diarrhea get worsen I tool her to the Pedi. He had her stool tested---found positive for fungus (Candida Fungus). Prescribe nita zofx for 3 days (twice a day) and a zinc supplement. We finished the medicine and continue the supplement. But the situation did not get much better. She also lost her weight and appetite. Now BM oral electrolyte and few mouthfuls of solids are the only things that she is taking. She is still playful and well hydrated but little bit of tired. I am very worried, as she is become malnourished. I am going to take her to the Pedi to day.I also brought some Kaopctate from Canada, did not use it yet.

    Any suggestion what to do in these two senario
    (1) If we stay here
    (2) If we come back to Canada and the problem still continues


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    Default Re: Please advice me about ******* diarrhea*****

    It may not fix it and you may have already tried it but, remember the BRAT diet....bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. Maybe it will help a little.
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    Default Re: Please advice me about ******* diarrhea*****

    Also, any time there is candida, probiotics are necessary. Yogurt, kefir, fermented veggies, or you can buy probiotics such as acidophilus and bifidus at the store. HTH

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