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Thread: Getting to take a bottle

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    Default Getting to take a bottle

    I BF my daughter but we introduced her to a bottle at 4 weeks of age because i was going back to work. She did great with the bottle for about a month and a half then she started to refuse it. So we tried another bottle it worked great for a week and now she refuses that. We were told to try a sippy cup so i did it worked great for a day now she refuses that. Now by refusing i mean she screams til she's red in the face and gasping for air. I really don't mind exclusively BF her but i have to leave her with someone so i can go to work. I am at my wits end trying to get her to take a bottle. We've tried all the bottles and nipple we could find but nothing works. Does anyone have a suggestion on what i can do?

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    That sounds really stressful. She is awfully young to go long stretches without eating, and I'm sure you are worried about her when you have to leave her for work.

    There is no magic cure for getting a baby to take a bottle. I think you just have to keep trying various ways of getting the milk into her. It's clear that she prefers momma, so we know she's smart, right? (smile) If your caregiver can keep the atmosphere low-key and loving, and persist gently in trying to feed her, then she will eventually learn to drink milk another way.

    I'm wondering if an eye dropper or a finger-feeding system might be something to try? Also, keep trying various nipples or cups. I hear there is a sippy cup now with a flexible spout -- some have success with that. I went through sudden bottle-refusal with my son when he was 3 months old; eventually we had success with the shortest, flattest artificial nipple we could find (perhaps because my own nipples were quite flat?)

    Some babies want their bottle (or cup or whatever) feedings to be as much like breastfeeding as possible -- cradle hold, skin contact, learning with Mom, etc. -- while some need it to be as UNlike breastfeeding as possible -- in a bouncy chair, perhaps, while watching TV, with someone other than Mom holding the bottle/cup. The only way to learn what will work is through trial and error, so just keep trying, and try not to stress too much about it.

    Some babies whose mothers have to leave them for work end up reverse-cycling -- they take as little as they can get by with while she is away and then nurse very frequently when they are with mom, including right through the night. If this is where your baby is headed, then try to go with it, perhaps by co-sleeping so you can get enough rest.


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    Default Re: Getting to take a bottle

    I feel your pain. We are on month 4 of a bottle strike. At this point we are not offering a bottle because she is 7mths now. Have you tried the NUK nipple. My dd has been the most tolerant of that one. If you go the sippy cup route my dd likes the Magic Cup made by Advent. This week she as really started to get used to it. I hope I have helped good luck.


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