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Thread: no poopy for 1 week

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    Default no poopy for 1 week

    I've been told that its perfectly normal for b/f babies to go awhile between poops. It has been 1 week since my 5 m/o went. His growth is fine and has the average # of wet diapers per day. Any ideas? He doesn't seem too uncomfortable but has been very gassy lately.

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    Default Re: no poopy for 1 week

    I was just about to ask this exact same question...except my LO is 6 mo! Like yours, it has been 7 days and everything else is normal. My LO is very gassy too! At least I know I'm not alone!

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    my 5 month old went 6 days without pooping and when she did, it looked normal, but it was.. bigger
    as far as I know, BF babies can poop 7 times a day or once in 7 days (but I've also heard the same thing with 10 instead of 7)
    if the baby doesn't seem uncomfortable or in pain and his stomach isn't hard, it should be OK to wait and not be worried.

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    Default Re: no poopy for 1 week

    Agree with pp, it's okay as long as baby is not in any discomfort. Breastmilk is so easily digestible, most of the nutrients are absorved by the body.
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    Default Re: no poopy for 1 week

    When my son was between the ages of 4 1/2 months and almost 7 months, he would go for about a week (once 10 days) without pooping each day! I was freaked at first but learned it was totally normal. He came out of it just fine and has been pooping big time every day since. LOL

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    Default Re: no poopy for 1 week

    I agree with the pps. Breast milk is so perfect that it leaves little waste! Of course if your lo has hard poops then that is a cause for concern but true constipation is very rare in an ebf baby.
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    Default Re: no poopy for 1 week

    with pps..when poop finally comes out and doesn't look like pebbles then it's not constipation it's just them absorbing all nutrients!
    be prepared when poop comes back...it can be a scary amount!!!

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    Default Re: no poopy for 1 week

    w/ pps. Just be prepared (with an extra outfit or two) when he finally does go though!
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    Default Re: no poopy for 1 week

    The general rule is that as long as baby is having 4-6 wet diapers, longer timeframes between poops is fine. And as long as baby doesn't seem uncomfortable, he's probably going to give you quite a surprise when he does go.
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    Sometimes my little one is not pooping for few days. When it goes for over 2 days, I just massage her belly at every diaper change.

    I do little circles with my thumb. So around 7-8 litlle circle for about 10 sec each around the belly button (clock wise). Usually it takes 2-6 hrs and I get a big poop.

    Hope this helps!

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