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Thread: Can mastitis cause baby to have diarrhea?

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    Default Can mastitis cause baby to have diarrhea?

    I'm mommy to a sweet baby boy who just turned 1 year old this month. I unfortunately just developed my first case of mastitis ever. I'm on antibiotics (day 2), but still have not been able to clear the duct. I've tried massage, warm showers, heated pads and nursing as well as pumping very frquently. Please provide me with whatever tips you have. I am so scared that i am going to get an abcess. Also, Im wondering if mastitis can cause the baby to have diarrhea. His diarrhea started about 24 hours before i started running a fever, and now he has a rash. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    Default Re: Can mastitis cause baby to have diarrhea?

    This might sound weird, but what helped me clear my blocked duct from hell when I had mastitis was getting a big tooth comb, soaping up my breast in the shower, and running the teeth of the comb back and forth over the lump. It still hurts () but it's a bit more bearable as it's not so much like inflicting pain upon yourself! Make sure you massage back as well as towards the nipple, as this can help clear the blockage.

    As for the diarrhea, I'm not too sure about that if it came on before you started taking abx. Could just be a coincidence. Some babies will experience diarrhea due to the antibiotics mom is taking, but if it happened before then it could just be due to a bug/teething/etc.
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