hi Cadence,

I've been dealing with some of the same issues as you with my second baby (3 months old). She will cry and scream sometimes when I try to put her on the breast, and sometimes seems to prefer to the pacifier to the breast (we haven't done bottles yet). I agree that 3 weeks is a little early to be introducing artificial nipples, but that may or may not be causing the problem. It doesn't sound to me like it's a case of high needs baby, if it's anything like what I'm dealing with here. My first was very high needs and didn't have this problem, my second is very calm-natured except about nursing sometimes.

I agree with the advice to find alternate means to calm her down and then bring her back to the breast when she's calm - that's what seems to work best for me. Try not to use a bottle to do it - then she may very well start to prefer the bottle to the breast.