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Thread: 100+ bags of soapy milk, What now?

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    Question 100+ bags of soapy milk, What now?

    Three months ago, as soon as I got home from having my daughter, I like many mommies started pumping and freezing. Doing the right thing for my daughter. I call the milk from the early days, my liquid gold. But recently my daughter got sick, I gave her some of the early BM (liquid gold) and she refused it over and over. I started to realize that everytime we give her a bottle she refuses it. I thought is was just "breast was best". It turns out I tasted my milk, YUCK! It tastes like soap. So now I have over a hundred bags of 6+ oz of frozen gross milk. Is there anything that anyone knows of that I can do to make the frozen BM taste good, so she can have her liquid gold and I don't have to throw out all that precious BM? I know now to scald then freeze, but I would have never thought I had this lipase problem.

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    Default Re: 100+ bags of soapy milk, What now?

    I'm SO sorry! I had to dump mine, too, for that same reason. I didn't know of any way to save it.

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    Are you heating it? I had the same problem so I stopped heating the milk that was frozen. Just thawed it in the fridge and gave it to him cold. I never noticed the taste or smell that way and he took it just fine.
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    Exclamation Re: 100+ bags of soapy milk, What now?

    If your LO will take it cold, that may help but otherwise there is no way to fix it

    in the future, scald the milk before freezing as that should help. Read the lipase sticky for more info

    eta don't toss it! Donate it if possible as it would be diluted out ( or you can try diluting with fresh pumped at home)
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    Default Re: 100+ bags of soapy milk, What now?

    So sorry. I've been there too.

    Sounds like you have already found the lipase thread. That's the reason why I first came to these forums too. I can say at that time I was so bummed but through that big huge lipase post I learned how to overcome it and scalding became part of my routine for my first son.

    No unfortunately you can not do anything to "fix" milk that already tastes soapy. If your baby would take it it is ok to give it but you can't miraculously make it taste better. Some moms try to use it to mix in with foods like oatmeal or cereal when they start solids. I never did that as I couldn't get past the taste and didn't want baby to reject solids.

    I tossed all my milk that had not been scalded. But later I learned I could have donated it. Apparently the milk banks mix lots of milk together so it is not a big deal that the lipase milk is soapy.

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    so sorry mama.

    I had this problem too, and I had NO idea about lipase before I found these boards (a lot of people don't know about it, and a lot of people have the issue ). I ended up tossing over 2500oz of frozen milk, and I cried. It is heartbreaking...

    I didn't save any milk after that because I was so disgusted (this was for ds1). I don't pump for ds2, but I do pump and give ds1 the cold milk. I noticed that he was rejecting it if it was more than 2 days old so I tasted it, and sure enough--it was terrible. He'll happily drink it the day it's pumped, or the next day though.

    Anyway, if you can find a milk bank that'll take it, at least it wouldn't be wasted.
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