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Thread: Is it all in my head??!

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    she could have had a good poop to get the lower weight!

    Your doing a great job.

    I say if you feal like you should pump maybe you should.
    IT might take you a while to find the happy medium with pumping.

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    I went to my LC today and did a test weight. She took in almost 3 ounces. That is almost an ounce more than at the last test weight so I hope that means I am making progress. I am sure it is still not enough, but I don't know what the average is that a three month old eats in a feeding.
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    I think it's one ounce for every month, so she sounds right on track

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    Breast fed babies on avg take in about 25 oz in 24 hours. 3 oz is a good amount for one feeding.


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