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Thread: 15 months old and wont nurse during the day

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    Default 15 months old and wont nurse during the day

    My little girl is too busy to nurse during the day and is up most of the night nursing. She would drink juice and water if I offered it to her, (cause she can be on the move with her cup) but I feel like this will cause her to wean faster, but I don't want to restrict her drinking. Where is the middle of the road for everyone out there?

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    Default Re: 15 months old and wont nurse during the day

    My son is the same age and he does the same thing. For him it seems like he goes though phases. Sometimes all he wants to do is nurse and other times he acts like he could care less. Is your daughter like that?

    I have learned to just relax and go with the flow. I know that he isn't going to starve himself and that eventually he will nurse when he is ready. When he is going through a time where he isn't nursing a lot, I hide the sippy cups so he has to come to me when he is thirsty. If you are really concerned that she isn't getting enough calories during the day, you could offer some pumped breastmilk in her sippy cup. But, like you said, that may encourage her to wean if she realizes that she can get the good stuff in a cup and still play at the same time.

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