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Thread: dropped to 25th percentile from 50th- long please advice :(

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    Default dropped to 25th percentile from 50th- long please advice :(

    she is 18 months and gained only 4 oz in 2 months. I wasa trying to wean her gradually. she has stopped asking fr bm during the day but wont make up for it with cows milk.
    she wont eat much at all, so I still nurse her at night and she nurses through out, although, I know its probaby not much judging by her night diaper
    Doc says wean her and try to get her to drink milk.
    Easier said than done, she seems to choke on liquids all the time and only drinks cows milk when she is super thirsty like a starving day when she has not eaten anything in daycare.
    Her height also came down from 75 to 50th percentile. So its obvious she is missing some nutrition.
    I am scared that if I wean her, she will become skinnier and instead of helping her take to other food, she will just be like now -just worse. At least she gets some BM now.
    So my question is this: I am taking domperidone since jan - tapering off last couple of months, hence the reduction in milk. Should I just go back to my original dose and just nurse her full time as a baby and let her eat what she eats ? Will she be missing any nutrients which I need to supplement ?
    My diet is not so good, I try but its almost impossible to eat right -what with the hard to feed kid and trying to find a job.
    I tried so hard to keep her from losing weight

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    Default Re: dropped to 25th percentile from 50th- long please advice :(

    Hi Mama! I'm sorry you're so concerned, but I don't think you need to be as concerned as you are. It's normal for weight gain to slow or even stop once your child becomes an active, mobile toddler, and is spending a lot of calories on motion, and IMHO crossing some percentiles in the height department means a lot less at this age, too: any moment now your child might shoot up and start outgrowing her clothes. I know my kid will sort of pause and not grow taller for a while, and then will suddenly grow enough that she needs all new pants.

    I don't see how in the world weaning would help- breastmilk continues to be terrific nutrition after the age of 1 (see this abstract), and if your child won't drink cow's milk, then it's nutritionally important that she continue to drink breastmilk. As you said, if you wean her, she may be "just like now -just worse", because there's no reason to think that weaning will encourage better eating habits when it comes to solids.

    Personally, I would let her nurse as much as she wants and just accept that she's going to eat what she eats, because you can't make a child eat, no matter how much you want to. All you can do is present the child with good choices. I would concentrate on high-calorie solids like whole-milk yogurt, avocado, cheese, meat, beans, and add a drizzle of olive oil to her low-cal solids. And it won't hurt to offer a daily multivitamin, just to be on the safe side when your child has a limited diet.

    Your diet should not have any impact on the quality of milk you provide, so no worries on that score!

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    Default Re: dropped to 25th percentile from 50th- long please advice :(

    My dd was in the 50th percentile when she was 9 months and completely below the charts by the time she was 14 months. She has since dropped to as far below the charts as you can imagine. She is almost 4 and weighs 27 pounds dressed. She is 36 inches tall. We have been through every test in the book and it boils down to...genetics. I'm not saying don't try to get nutritious foods into your dd, but you said it was "obvious she was missing nutrition" and that's just not always the case. My dd eats a LOT. I would skip the cows milk, offer to nurse as much as she wants, and work on high fat nutritious foods.

    And pm me if you want the link to our story.

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    Default Re: dropped to 25th percentile from 50th- long please advice :(

    I just wanted to add that once they are 1 their weight gain slows considerably. It's okay for them to only gain a few pounds per year at that point.

    I would continue to offer good solid foods, nurse her (but don't stress about your supply!!!), and seriously don't worry about the cow's milk. You don't need to do CM at all actually, there are so many other good foods she can eat instead of drinking CM.


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    Default Re: dropped to 25th percentile from 50th- long please advice :(

    Thankyou all for your encouraging replies. I am going to try to continue breast-feeding her. However my milk supply is low and I am taking domperidone since Jan 2009. I wonder if its safe to confinue this long.

    I am worried because the doctor was concerned about her weightloss and told me to add 2 tbsps of whipping cream to every 4 oz of milk. I wish it were that easy- she wont drink any milk!

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    Default Re: dropped to 25th percentile from 50th- long please advice :(

    Oh man, hang in there! I agree with the other folks: a child's weight slows considerably after the first year. It's true that she may have lost some weight due to weaning and her not being that jazzed about other food, but since she's also not asking for breastmilk as much it doesn't seem to me that she's starving at all. I would do what you can to encourage her to eat, but I honestly think she'll be fine.
    for 1 year so far! Woot!

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