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Thread: How can I get LO to nap w/out bf?

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    Default Re: How can I get LO to nap w/out bf?

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*nolamomma View Post
    Sounds normal though. And I think for the most part, a lot of us just gave up completely on the idea of doing anything but taking care of baby and ourselves as best we could for the first 6 months or so. This is a crucial time for her needs to be met 100%, the house can be taken care of later along with all the other little things, KWIM? Baby carrying does help tremendously, my DD lived in a Moby wrap for her first year.

    I still actually have to nurse my DD to get her to have a nap, and she's 15 months old. It will get to the point where you can actually put them down though, so you won't mind the nursing to sleep bit so much. The constant need for mommy really won't last forever, the little baby phase goes sooo fast! I definitely second (third, fourth, what ever!) the recommendation for a good wrap or sling. Once you get the hang of it you totally can nurse hands-free, and it's a definite sanity saver at times. Baby nursing and you need to go to the bathroom/eat lunch/put some clothes in the washing machine? No more being stuck on the couch, you can just do it!
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    Default Re: How can I get LO to nap w/out bf?

    I have a Baby K'tan (www.babyktan.com) and I nurse in the "hug" and "cradle" positions without a problem. You can also do a front facing out carry, which my DD loves.

    It gets easier and easier to nurse in a sling. My DD learned quick that was where she could nap and nurse while we were busy.

    Perhaps you guys need to work a little on latch still. There are good tips and videos at www.drjacknewman.com

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