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Thread: Breastfed baby seems to choke on bottle?

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    Default Breastfed baby seems to choke on bottle?

    I am introducing breastmilk in a bottle to my 5 week old baby. She seems to take it fine sometimes but other times she either just cries or seems to choke on it. We use the same nipple every time and it is a slow flow nipple. I really dont know why she does this and am worried that she will not be able to bottle feed when I go back to work next monday.

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    Default Re: Breastfed baby seems to choke on bottle?

    That happens sometimes babies choke. ARe you feeding her in a simmlar way as breastfeeding? That might help. Head above behind. So that there is less gravity, and she can control the milk in the bottle beter.
    heres a link about helping baby to take the bottle from lll



    don't be afraid to call your local lll leader, she can help you get ready to go back to work.

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    Default Re: Breastfed baby seems to choke on bottle?

    Just so you know, my DD also had trouble with choking on her bottle nipple sometimes at first. We had to stop using the Avent nipple because of that problem. We just kept at it with the Playtex nipple and the problem improved. So, you might try a different nipple. Also, make sure whoever gives the bottle points the nipple toward the roof of her mouth and not down her throat.


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