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Thread: raw fish?

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    Default raw fish?

    i cannot find any solid answers on the 'net about when i can safely give dd raw fish. i live on an island, and raw fish is plentiful and a major food staple here. local women all tell me their babies were eating poke (ahi tuna) by age 1, and i know that in asian culture, babies eat sashimi, sushi, etc at early ages..

    i'm not like, desperate to give her raw fish, but dh and i eat it often, so it's here in the house a lot, and is also at parties and others' houses where we take dd..

    any moms have any input? i do plan on asking pedi at 1-yr check up.
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    Default Re: raw fish?

    You got me. I sushi and I would think that Japanese culture feeds babies this at a young age.
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    Default Re: raw fish?

    For me, this question is all about balancing the risk.

    I am landlocked, so trusting a source for "fresh" fish is difficult here. You live on an island where fresh fish is plentiful. I would just do the research on how to do it safely and go with your gut.

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    we eat a lot of raw fish as well. Max had it when he was one no problem. As you mentioned I know where to go to get the freshest fish and I made sure to only feed him low mercury types.

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