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A couple leaders in our group just went to a seminar where Dr. Jack Newman presented. It was their understanding that he suggests that a mother smoking/ drinking/ on drugs and breastfeeding is better for the baby (at least as far as health/ nutrition benefits) than formula is regardless.
I am sorry...but I find that a bit extreme...I have a hard time believing that narcotics in our breastmilk is better than formula. I don't think it is a wise thing for a doctor to make such a statement IMHO.

Anyhow, as far as the smoking goes, we all know that secondhand smoke is very very bad for everyone, especially a small baby! I saw a display at a children's museum that if a parent smokes a pack a day around their baby by the time they are one year old it would be like that baby would have smoked something like the equivelant of 150 cigs, just from the secondhand smoke. It isn't worth risking your childs health. I grew up with parents who smoked and I didn't realize the amount it affected me until I moved out of the house. Once I had been away from it for a while, every time I get around it I get a very sore throat and a cold...it just isn't good.

I realize it is very difficult to quit, I've had many family members go through the process...but every one of them that were successful have noticed HUGE differences in the way they feel...it is well worth the struggle to them.