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Thread: heartbroken at dentist

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    Default heartbroken at dentist

    dd (2 years old)was goofing around the other day, slipped & came down on the side of her crib with her chin & ended up breaking her front tooth. So, we took her first trip to the dentist. Aside from the broken tooth, she noticed some other cavities. I don’t think her enamel was fully formed on her top two teeth when they came in, so I think they were even more susceptible. Anyway, at first I assumed it was that plus too much candy & not enough brushing (or not good enough brushing) which the dentist was agreeing with until I mentioned she still breastfeeds. As soon as I said that, she switched gears and said that’s the cause of them & went on to say it’s similar to babies with bottle mouth. She didn’t insist I should wean or anything, but implied it would be better for her teeth if I did. I didn’t respond much at the time (because I was trying not to cry), but from all I’ve read up to now, I thought breastmilk didn’t cause cavities & was completely different. I even heard Dr Sears say that on tv a while back. I didn’t even tell this part to my husband because I didn’t want him to latch on to it & want me to give up bf’ing her. But I want to do what’s best for her (& her teeth), especially since we're looking at potentiaaly high priced treatment for the cavities she has & having to sedate her to fix them. I don;t want to do anything to make her teeth any worse. I just don’t truly believe bf’ing is a cause. As common as it is to bf a toddler in so many cultures, I don't think they're all running around with bad teeth, so I'm really thinking it's more my lack of holding her down to brush her teeth well enough & often enough.

    Sorry this is so long, but I'm looking for any personal experiences on this since I don;t know many people who bf past one (unfortunately).
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    I'm sorry, momma, that you are going through this! I am bf my 16 mo. old and we haven't been to the dentist yet... so I am interested to see what will happen... and interested to see what other mommas will say. I'm sorry that I don't have any advice or stories, just a

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    Here you go, this is a thread about our experiences, alot of good info from the other mamas in there....


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    Talking Re: heartbroken at dentist

    I am sorry that this happened to you. It seems like a common theme, though. I posted a thread in this area (breastfeeding beyond one) not so long about about how much to actually worry about decay after my 3 year old's first trip to the dentist and he gave me a hard time about nursing dd2 who is 18 months old.

    Most people agreed that it is really not BFing but has a lot to do with genetics. I really think that some people are more prone to dental issues then others.

    Good luck!
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    Default Re: heartbroken at dentist

    Been there - more of our story in the link jerimijasmommy posted.

    Feel free to PM me if you need more detail etc.

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