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Thread: Your first exposure to ENing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lynn
    The first time I saw a an older child nursing I was in West Africa traveling along The Gambie River on a crowded bus, heading toward a rural village.
    ... I saw first hand a little girl terrified of me and really protesting to even look at me and then she was able to do an emotional turn around, relax and be curious and silly due to the comfort provided by breastfeeding.

    That is an amazing story. What an experience for a 19yo young woman!

    As a mom who nursed a child to age four ... I can relate so strongly to the emotional centering that breastfeeding gives a child. When I see weaned toddlers absolutely melt down with frustration, fury, terror ... I wish so badly that they could still reconnect with that safe place that a nursing child finds so easily at the breast.

    As a white American who has traveled extensively in Asia, I can also relate to the experience of being the completely different-looking center of curious but suspicious attention. It must have made you feel so included, somehow, to have this child on your lap as she nursed. There's a statement in there about our common humanity that I am going to carry in my heart today. Thank you for sharing that story.


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    I remember the first time,i was nursing my first little nursling and he was a few weeks old, this woman was nursing a 3/4 year old and i just couldn't imagine doing it.
    I didn't think "ew" or anything- more like how uncomforitable i'd be.

    Now i'm on my second nursling and i can see myself nursing him when he's that age.

    It's funny how things change

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    My first exposure to EN was when I was a nanny in England. I began work for a couple who had a 2yo daughter. On the first day I went with her and her mother to the playgroup she attended. Another mother there was talking to someone and her daughter ran up to her, lifted her top and helped herself to a drink - while her mother didn't bat an eye and continued her conversation. I am sure I must have been standing there with my mouth wide open, in absolute shock. I had never even seen a baby BF before this point! That was just the beginning - when we returned home to where I was working I found out that the family I worked for were bed sharing as well as EN!!! It was such a great experience, which I am sure helped to shape my mothering of today. Having BF 5 children for 2 years or longer each, and absolutely loving all that brings (even the hard times).
    For those of you who may not know - the BF rates in England are shockingly low and I realise now that I was extremely priviledged to have had the experience that I did.

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    My son was 5 months old (now he's 10 months old and still BF) when we attended our first LLL meeting. The leader's DD, who I found out either that night or a meeting later, was 22 months old had gone up to her mom and mumbled something. My LLL asked her if she wanted to nurse and the rest was history. I have to admit that I almost died when I saw this. Even though I am totally "PRO BF" I was still in shock because her little girl looked so big to me. My husband and I have decided to let my son BF as long as he wants to. He's even joked that we will send a note to school not to let him go out to recess because his mommy will have to come and give him his "snack."

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    My dad grew up in an orhpanage ... when I was about 12 his sister found him -- she has a son 3 years older than me, a son 1 year younger & at the time her youngest was 3 ... she was nursing him in our living room & I remember my mother pulled me into the kitchen "to get more drinks" -- where she proceeded to horrifically badmouth my new aunt *SIGH* Needless to say, I knew I couldn't count on dear ol' mom for support when I gave birth @@ (However, to prepare for that I printed out tons of facts to share, asked our OBGYN - we have the same Dr. - to tell her all bout it & just told her to follow her own advice to "say something nice or don't say anything at all, LOL)
    ~ Tiffany

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