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    How long can I leave pumped and formerly frozen, or thawed, breast milk out in room temperature? I have a ton in my freezer and might need a bottle late at night (duct blockage, yuck!) and was wondering if there was anyway I could just leave it out so that I wouldn't have to wrangle my 3 week old while preparing the bottle.

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    I've read some places that 3 hrs at room temp is suggested. But I also got a pamphlet in the mail about milk storage that said up to 10 hours is fine. The problem is, I can never find if 3 hrs is after it is warmed or straight from the fridge. I would think that the 3 hrs is when the milk is warm (that's when bacteria can grow). I think the bigger issue is milk that you have started to feed and then leave out. Bacteria from the saliva can grow in the milk when it is warm.

    I know I've given my daughter milk that was out from the fridge for about 5 hrs (more than once) and she's still growing strong at almost 8 wks.

    Also, giving your lo cold/cool milk won't hurt her. My sister was giving her son milk straight from the fridge even during the day when she wasn't too tired to prep a bottle. I give my DD cool milk when she's too fussy to wait for it to warm up. I think the warm milk might just feel more smoothing to the tummy and helps them sleep better.

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    Here is a great general milk handling chart, although it doesn't speak about thawed milk. I have actually never seen anything that speaks about how long thawed milk can be at room temperature. If it was me, I would play it safe and put the bottle of thawed milk in a cooler bag with a cold pack - that way, you don't have to wrestle with preparing the bottle and can either give your LO cool milk (my DS always liked it that way) or just warm it (I'd stick the bottle in a cup filled with hot tap water) a little.

    re the duct blockage - hope it clears up soon, and let us know if you want help with it!
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