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Thread: HELP Pumping led to Engorgement

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    Default HELP Pumping led to Engorgement

    My DS is almost four weeks old and I decided to try and introduce a bottle this week. I pumped for the first time on one breast this morning for 15 minutes resulting in nearly 3 oz of milk, over the next several hours the same breast became severely and painfully engorged. What did I do wrong? How do I get rid of the engorgement? How can I pump without becoming engorged? I still want to be able to pump once in awhile.

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    Have you nursed on that side since pumping? If you pumped and fed that bottle in place of the next feeding then the engorgement is just from missing the feeding. If you also pumped first thing in the morning and didn't empty the breast you could have caused the problem inadvertantly since your supply is highest then. Other then that scenario I don't know what would cause you to become engorged.

    Do you have any oversupply issues? It could also be that your body is just super responsive to pumping right now since your supply is still trying to regulate. Hold off on pumping for a week or two, after the six week growth spurt is done, and try again since your supply should be more regulated.

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