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    So here is a run down of what happened to me today. Went to my mom's work with my baby for her birthday cake. I used to work there, so I know this girl there. She wanted to hold him. No harm in that. But I was afraid of this happening. Sooo, she was like "do you want some cake?" I knew she would do that, so I tried to be nice and said, "Say no you don't! (Giggle)." I said stuff like that THREE times and she didn't listen. She was not only trying to give him frosting but trying to put actual cake in his mouth. I got so mad and frustrated I even said no one listens to me, and I know she knew I was mad, and I know everyone in the room could tell I was pretty upset. I got sympathy from everyone else there, they all understood, and they would not do that since I am his mother saying no. His grandpa has been giving him stuff like whipped cream here and there, and I won't lie, I have a couple times. I avoid it as much as possible though because one, I don't want to start solids until 6 months if not later, and two, I don't want him to have a sweet tooth like I do and turn out fluffy like me! So, anyways, has anyone dealt with a similar situation? How do you deal? It is so frustrating, and it's also so stressful on me. I was warn out after that because I'm still new to this mom thing and I got so emotional! Luckily my son didn't take most of it, he just did the tongue thing and spit it out, but still, why shove cake down a baby's throat? And what is it with people wanting to give baby's every little thing off their plate? I feel like no one understands me because all of these people did formula and started solids at 3 months if not earlier. What a looooong day. I even cried because I was so upset. It's almost like it's coming down to letting no one hold him and being mean and saying, "I said NO." I feel like a black sheep in my circle of friends.
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    People are weird about shoving food in babies mouths. I don't know why.

    You didn't do anything wrong. Delaying solids gives your lo the best start possible. Before six months, his gut isn't ready for anything else, and he certainly doesn't need junk like cake and frosting.

    And you should feel justified in saying no. You are his mother.. If your friends are offended, that's their problem. And it would be WAY scary to see an adverse reaction in a baby under six months. Another good reason to delay.

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    I don't think there's anything wrong with handing a baby to someone while you say "Please don't feed him anything. He's not ready yet."

    And if they try later, come get him, and just say "I'll hold him so you can eat. He's not ready to share that with you."

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*jessruff View Post
    And you should feel justified in saying no. You are his mother.
    Don't feel bad if you have to say "Stop, he's not ready for solid food, and when he is, we're not going to start with cake/ice cream/fast food/etc." Or even if you have to catch hold of someone's hand- in a gentle but firm way- to stop the cake from going into the baby's mouth. And allowing someone to hold your baby isn't the same as giving them license to stick their cake-y fingers- which may be clean or may not have been washed since Tuesday- into his mouth.

    If you happen to see this lady again, you might want to bring the issue up (as long as doing so isn't detrimental to your mom's work situation, or your potential ability to go back to work there, if that's what you want). I wouldn't be afraid to say "Hey, last week you gave my baby some cake. I should have expressed more clearly that I am really not ready for him to have solid foods. So if we run into that situation again, please ask me if it's okay before giving him anything to eat, okay?"

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    I agree, I just go up front and say, she is not eating solids yet, but thank you :P

    Even with my eldest, she's 2 and a half and if someone asks if she wants candy, I just tell them, thanks but I rather not have her eating that for now
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