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Thread: Refusing bed and the breast!

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    Default Refusing bed and the breast!

    My son (21 months) has recently had upsets with teething the past week and a cold, which pretty much comes hand in hand when he his teething.

    He feeds through the night (more recently for the reasons above I guess) however getting him to sleep is the problem.

    At nap time and bed time in the evening I can usual gauge when he is ready for bed and he happily lies down and we feed, until he is asleep. Recently however he is almost fighting off the breast when we lie down together at night time and nap time during the day. He is getting really upset and I know if he fed it would calm him but he does not want to and almost when he is at the point of exhaustion will he comfort himself to sleep on the breast. It is really upsetting for me to see him like this as I feel one of the beauties of breastfeeding is that before they get to the point of upset you can comfort them.

    I am not sure if he is self-weaning from these feeds and I am forcing him to feed, if so then any advise on getting a toddler to sleep without the breast will be most welcome!


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    Default Re: Refusing bed and the breast!

    Hi there -- sorry to hear you guys are having a tough time. I remember when my son stopped nursing down easily for bedtime, and it was really rough on both of us!

    About the teething and his cold, which you have found go together -- when my son was cutting molars, he got persistent ear infections, I suppose from the inflammation in his jaw area. If that is happening with your son, it might explain the resistance to lying down and nursing, as both those activities can make the ear pain worse.

    If he checks healthy, then perhaps it is time to develop a more consistent bedtime and naptime routine? This is when we got more purposeful about a nightly bath, then jammies, then teeth, then story, then nursing, then some rocking or cuddling to sleep. It may take a few days before he learns to expect these steps, but once it is a routine, it may help him learn how to fall asleep when breastfeeding alone doesn't do the trick.

    Hang in there -- hope he is happier soon.


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    Default Re: Refusing bed and the breast!

    I'm so sorry you're having a hard time! We rely so much on the "Num Nums" curing everything--it's really alarming when they don't. Luckily all these things pass. Best of luck and strength while you wait this out.

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    Default Re: Refusing bed and the breast!

    I hope things get better for you. I know how distressing it was when my son did this. I wish you both well.

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