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Thread: How many meals for (almost) a one year old?

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    Default How many meals for (almost) a one year old?

    hey mamas, DS is a little over 11 months and this week I've started giving about 3 meals a day with protein, veg, and fruit, and then snacks of cheerios, fruit, cheese (Not necessarily all of these at once)..Is this too much? I'm not in any hurry to wean him, but he loves to eat! He's been really gripy and extra clingy the last couple weeks (another round of teeth i think) but feeding him more this week has seemed to settle him down. Maybe he's been hungrier? Anyways, like i said, i'm in no hurry to wean him so didnt wanna stuff him with solids. He still nurses when he wakes up, before his two naps, small drinks here and there, and 3-5 times a night...of course, i did just start the three times a day thing... my mother says to feed him as much as he wants, but I don't want him to not get enough breastmilk!
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    Default Re: How many meals for (almost) a one year old?

    Since you're doing BLS, I really don't think you need to worry about him eating too much solids if you're nursing on demand. Maybe he was a bit hungry. A few nights ago, we were having the worst time getting DD (12 mos) to fall asleep, and we finally realized she was hungry. She'd nursed but still needed more to eat. Finally she signed "food", and we figured it out. I felt so dense.

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    Same thing happened to us the other night (polkadot). I felt her sucking was very hard and we got up and ate apple. It helped. I find that DD (12 mo on Tuesday) is more settled when I give her at least 3 meals a day, too. Plus snacks. Nursing always too.
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    Default Re: How many meals for (almost) a one year old?

    We started 3 meals a day plus snacks around 11 months, too. She was still nursing lots but needed the extra calories, I think. She was walking by 10 months so it's no wonder she was hungry! She seemed much happier with the increased food. Totally OT, but I'm glad she started getting into more food then, because I got pregnant and my milk has now gone bye-bye! Hasn't stopped her though.
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