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Thread: How do you start solids??

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    Hi zplum! Thanaks, I would love to get that information. I think your son is going to love his "gormet" foods that daddy's going to make. How exciting!

    I just took dd to pedi this morning because as of Saturday night, it's like a light switch went off. At night, I'll bf her to sleep but when I try to put her down she'll wake up and fuss!!! So far, every night has been like that and we're exhausted . We thought it could be an ear infection but pedi said she looked great, probably the teething? Is your ds doing this too? It's just at night. I hope she's not getting "spoiled" as far as liking being carried around. Funny thing is that during the day she'll hang out in her play gym, swing, bouncy, carseat, and sling as I take her around the house while I do stuff. But at night
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    I think a lot of babies start showing intense interest in watching others eat when they're around five months old. But don't be surprised if your LO isn't enthusiastic when you finally offer her something. I have a friend whose baby was just like that, and she ended up getting really frustrated and anxious about feeding solids because her daughter absolutely would not eat anything for months.

    My DD also disliked banana, at first. It's a messy food, anyway, and since there usually isn't much swallowing going on at first, I would start off with things she can hold and suck on, just so she can get a taste and also feel the different textures in her mouth. Good way for her to practice holding, moving, and picking up things, too.

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    Yeah, I tried the mashed banana thing a few times - even mixing it with oatmeal - and it has yet to go over very well - although the other day he took a small bite with more interest. And my homemade applesauce makes my poor little guy gag and even vomit! Very strange. Hard to tell if it's the taste or texture. I think texture might be an issue with him, though.

    Don't worry if things start slowly at first - I could barely keep him interested for a tablespoon of oatmeal in the beginning. But it didn't take long for the light to go on and he was eagerly opening his mouth when he was put in his highchair and saw the spoon coming toward him!

    Also to keep in your mind as you progress through this - I've been reading in several places that you shouldn't give up with a food that initially is rejected. Some babies take 8-10 exposures (occasionally more) to a food before they happily accept it. So if you give your baby something s/he doesn't like, just switch to something else for that feeding and try again a day or two later.

    But right now you're just at the learning the whole process of having a spoon, food in the mouth, swallowing, and whatnot, so don't worry yourself too much.

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