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Thread: Pain in the Aerolas

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    Default Pain in the Aerolas

    I may be premenstrual, but this didn't happen last month when I was...

    My supply has dropped dramatically (taking me 3-4 sessions to get 3 ounces), and my aerolas HURT HURT HURT when I pump. I tried turning the pump down, still is very tender and not extracting hardly anything. It hurts a bit when my daughter nurses, but nothing like the pump. I had no pain at all before.

    My nipples aren't hurting, just the aerolas and below - could I have torn the tissue when trying to pump too long?? Since it is internal, haven't been able to figure out how to fix it - help?

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    Default Re: Pain in the Aerolas

    I think I did that a time or two. And it was from pumping too long, or with too much suction or speed. Just back down on the suction and/or speed for a few sessions and hopefully it subsides.
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