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Thread: Losing Milk Supply??

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    Ugh, I was able to breast feed exclusively and successfully until my son was three months old. Sure we battled through 2 bouts of thrush. but we did it. At three months around the second bout of thrush I discovered my milk supply was diminishing. I figured it was due to my being on a bith control with a bit of estrogen. So I talked to my doctor, she put me on the mini pill, and put me on domperidone. My milk supply seemed to come back. I got back to night nursing. I wanted to try nursing somewhat during the day. and this week I made it to four months nursing. I'm so excited, I only made it to four days with my other son. But yesterday I noticed I wasn't feeling full. And I could only pump 1 1/2 oz, where before I was pumping 3 1/2oz at each session 3x's per day. I still tried nursing last night, and it was hard. it took a while before I felt any letdown and it wasn't as long as before. I don't know why this is so important to me. I know a lot of women are happy with four months. I always wanted to make it until at least 6mths, although I year would have been ideal. Help!!! I don't want to completely loose my milk supply. Is it possible to get it back for real or is it gone for good?? Also I noticed I don't drink as much water as before, could this contribute to the loss??

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    Welcome to the forum! So sorry your post hasn't been answered yet.

    Good for you fighting to give your baby the wonderful gift of breastfeeding! It's hard work, huh? But soooo worth it. Not only for the physical benefits of breastmilk for your baby, but the wonderful emotional benefits for both you and your precious little one. Kudos to you for sticking with it.

    What are your baby's diaper outputs like? If you are seeing 5-6 wet diapers a day, then most likely your supply is just fine. See: How can I tell if my baby is getting enough milk? Are you supplementing at all or exclusively breastfeeding?

    At about the three month mark is when many women's bodies start to regulate their milk supply to match their little one's needs. At this time many will see a decrease in pumping output, their breasts will feel "emptier" and notice other changes that may lead you to believe your supply is "low" when in fact it's just becoming more efficient. Also, keep in mind that your pumping output has nothing to do with what your baby is actually able to take in ... no pump in the world is able to mimic your baby's suck perfectly. See these links for more info:

    Is your milk supply really low?
    My breasts feel empty! Has my milk supply decreased?
    What is normal when it comes to pumping output and changes in pumping output?

    Is my older baby getting enough milk?

    I hope this helps. Post back and let us know how things are going for you guys now! You are doing a beautiful job ... don't give up hope, it sounds like everything is just fine based on what you told us so far.

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    He was screamin glike a mad man when he was awake for a good week. He was only sleeping for 20min at a time and wanted to eat when he got up. Then he would refuse the left boob. It was a horrible experience. finally I broke down and gave him formula. And surprise he stopped screaming, was happy and smiley. I had also noticed that it looked like he wasn't having as many wet diapers as normal. And the soft spot on his head was always looking sunken in. After two days of bottle feeding, he remained happy, and the soft spot looked normal again. I nursed before the bottle each time, but he was still drinking the four ounces of formula after each session. That's when I decided to pump. I was getting four 1/2 ounces when I used to pump, now I was only getting the amount mentioned in the previous post. With the domperidone I was getting 8-9 onces. Now I'm lucky if I get 4oz per day. And I'm not feeling any letdown when he nurses at night again. I'm thinking of trying out fenugreek. going to add oatmeal to my diet as well. If it wasn't for the fact that my son get really constipated from the formula, I don't think I would even try fighting after this point. This whole time has been a huge fight. I have never been so dedicated to anything, my husband says he wishes I put that much dedication into other things as well...lol. He says he can't understand this obsession with breastfeeding, but he's willing to support me, which is great. But I'm beginning to think that it's a losing battle. Maybe this is it for my body. All I can think is poor kid, when I know the formula backs him up so.

    I'm really really frustrated and starting to get depressed about it at this point. which is starting to frustrate my hubby. He doesn't like to see me like this, especially when he knows formula won't "kill" the kid.

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