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Thread: I need advise on weaning, because of weight loss

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    Default Re: I need advise on weaning, because of weight loss

    Hi mama,,, i really wouldnt worry about the weight loss too much, as long as you arent STILL loosing... I too, have lost weight and more so in the last two months or so,, about 14 lbs. but only 8 of those have been in the last two months. I also think its because my LO, who just turned a year old is still nursing around the clock. Hang in there!
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    Default Re: I need advise on weaning, because of weight loss

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*braylon31mom View Post
    Hello I posted a similar question under Fitness and no one replied. I need help. My health is going down hill and I'm loosing weight and everyone around me thinks it's because I'm still nursing my 12 month old - almost, will be 1 on Halloween Anyway, I have lost over 14 lbs in 6 months (127 to 113 now) and I went to the doctor and they said all of my blood work was fine, thyroid and vitamin levels. They contrubited it to lack of sleep (he's co-sleeps and still nurses 3 times a night) and stress (have a 8 yr old and a 6 yr old and I work full time) and of coarse told me I need to stop nursing and to get 8 hrs a sleep at night. My family is all over me and feels this is why I'm loosing all of this weight. They feel my son wants to nurse all of the time due to anxiety and it would be best for him and myself to wean. I don't want to, but I can't continue to lose this weight. PLEASE HELP!!
    I bolded these sentences, because they are the ones that stick out to me. To me, weaning your LO is no guarentee at all the you will get that so desired continuous 8 hours of sleep. It may actually become worse. I know that with my son, if I were to wean now, I would actually be up more spending more hours trying to get him back to sleep. If you cosleep, your LO can eat while you both drift off to sleep. Also, I feel like if your LO is nursing 3 times per night and not eating much in terms of solid, he may need the nutrition that he is getting at night. Might be reverse cycling. So that alone would make me hesitant to wean.

    Also, if your son wants to nurse all the time due to anxiety, I don't believe that weaning him will get rid of the anxiety on his part - it might even make it worse. Your son may be comfort nursing because he needs the comfort. Most of us nursing mothers know what a great job nursing does to calm our upset babies! I think I would be investigating other options and reasons for the anxiety rather than cutting out the thing that most likely calms him. Imagine if you had a bad day at work and just wanted to come home and get a hug from you significant other and when you got there, he told you "no, you don't get a hug because I can tell that you are feeling anxious and upset." I think I would be more upset!!

    If you *truly* want to wean for you and your LO, then there are gentle ways. I have used both the methods mentioned above. But if you do not want to wean, I would find and research other methods and get help about gaining weight other than by weaning. goodluck!

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