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Thread: Chewing meat

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    Default Chewing meat

    DS has had ground chicken with no problems. But, whenever I give him a small piece of chicken and turkey to chew, he keeps chewing them and doesn't swallow. Does anyone else's LO do this? I'm just wondering whether it's too hard for him to chew meat because he doesn't have his molars yet (he only has 8 front teeth, 4 on top, 4 on bottom)?
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    oh yeah its like a peice of yummy meat gum!

    try smaller peices, sometimes I would grind meat for them in my baby food mill.
    Meat realy was about all that I ground up.
    Just was easier that way.

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    My DD only has two teeth but she can eat a lot of meat--total carnivore She did go through a meat-sucking phase in the beginning, and I think it just took a while for her to get up the courage to swallow such solid textures. Have you tried fattier meats, like beef or lamb? They are definitely more tender and easier to chew. Sometimes chicken and turkey can be a bit dry and stringy. Or try offering the drumstick meat.

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