DS is getting harder and harder to nurse. Seems like the only relaxed nursing sessions we have anymore is when he's really tired. This started as a gradual thing but now it's multiple times a day and I'm tired. I will never force him to nurse or eat whenever he doesn't need to, but when I see him gnawing and sucking his hands off and he won't nurse I get concerned. Mild episodes of this started 2/3 weeks ago. Also, the past few nights he's been waking up every few hours to nurse. I got tired of walking back and forth to his room during the night so he's been staying in my bed with me and DH. Dh doesn't think that it's a good idea to have him in bed with us anymore, and honestly I agree. I know some moms feel otherwise, but personally it was working really well for us when DS slept thru the night in his room (until 430/5, then came into my bed to nurse and sleep until 9ish). It gave me and DH time alone, and being SAHM and a military spouse, it hard to make time to actually enjoy each other's company. Anyway, he starts off in his crib every night but after a few hours eventually "migrates" into our bed.
I'm feeling like the difficult nursing sessions and active night must be related. When I try to get him to nurse, he arches his back, squirms, squeals--no discreet NIP sessions anymore!!! Then when he DOES nurse he grabs onto my breast with both hands and tries to pull as far away from me as possible. Like he's trying to take his meal to go! Is this a sign of a strike? If so, what do I do??
He's 5 1/2 months and I was going to wait until 6 mo to start solids and definitely wait on sippy cups. But he was so ready to start solids that I started to give him a few pieces of banana about 1x/wk. I'm waiting a few more weeks before offering anything else. But what about offering a sippy? I wouldn't want to give it to him more than 1x/day AT MOST! I'd prefer a few times a week, if it must be done. I don't know what to do??
What would I put IN the cup? I would assume juice (since putting BM would just encourage this lack of good nursing, I think). I heard only a few tablespoons of really diluted juice, so does anyone know a measurement I should go by? Like 1 teaspoon of juice to 3 teaspoons water or something? Is it safe to give him water at 5 1/2 mo?
I don't want him to get a preference for juice or for sippies, but as with the banana it seemed to satiate his need to do it himself enough to cooperate later. I hope it would work with a cup, too, but I'm so confused as to how to do this or if this is even a good idea.